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EV Car Charger Installs

Servicing Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Felton, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, Soquel and Aptos.

Stallings Electric (Based out of the Santa Cruz Mountains) offers free quotes on EV Car Charger Installs. Typical ballpark cost for an EV Charger Install will range from $700 to $1500. 

In addition to that cost, you need to consider the cost of the charging unit as well, which can range from $200 up to $1500 depending on the kW delivered and features of the charger.


We can provide recommendations for types of chargers to use, and even purchase chargers for the customer if they want to be completely hands off. 

We install all makes and models of car chargers for every type of electric vehicle. Level 1 and Level 2 car chargers, either plug in or hardwired. As low as a 12amp trickle charge, 16amp, 24amp, 32amp, 40amp, 50amp, or even 60 amp fast chargers for vehicles like Teslas.

Keep in mind that your utility service amperage and the amount of loads on your panel will determine how fast of a car charger can be installed. 

Feel free to contact us for a FREE survey of your project, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote for completing your project. Email us at: or give us a call at 831-335-2407.

Considerations for EV Chargers

Charging Level: 

Electric Vehicle chargers come in categories of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.


Level 1 chargers usually use a standard 120v 3 prong plug (your normal outlet) and usually use 12 to 20 amps. Level 1 chargers usually net you about 4-8 miles per hour of charging. The benefit of these chargers is convenience - you can charge nearly anywhere with a long enough cord.

Level 2 chargers are usually plug-in using a 50amp 240v outlet plug, but sometimes they are hardwired right into the panel. These chargers usually range from 16 amps to 50 amps output and net anywhere from 12 to 35 miles per hour of charge. Many of these chargers will have adjustable outputs to allow you to change how fast they charge as well.

Level 3 chargers are commercial chargers that are not installed in homes. These can be found in cities and can fully charge your car in about 30 minutes!

Hardwired or Plug in: 

The benefits of a hardwired charger are mostly that they have a "cleaner" look and less things hanging on your wall, or less fail points. The benefits of a plug in charger are that they can be easily disconnected and used elsewhere, or replaced with no electrician involved. A hardwired model will require an electrician to disconnect the charger if for some reason you need to replace it or return it.

Location of Charger:

You should consider where you'd like your charger to be placed. They can be put nearly anywhere as long as you have a few inches of backing to mount to. You should think about the plug in location on your car(s) and try to centralize it those point(s). Typically the less wire you need to uncoil and possibly trip over, the better.


Length of Cord:

When considering purchasing a EV charger, we highly recommend avoiding the short cord lengths of 16ft or less, unless you know it will easily reach your charging point in any parking direction and you don't plan on changing things. We consider 20ft to be the minimum recommended length and we find most customers like 25ft lengths for added flexibility. This way if you need to plug in on the opposite side, its no problem. Typically your charger will come with a cord holder (like a hose hanger) that allows you to choose how much cord to use. 

Fancy or Simple: 

Just like most products, you'll find EV chargers range from very simple to very sophisticated. Simple chargers usually just show current output (or no interface at all). Fancy chargers include things like wifi connectivity and advanced monitoring through apps to see how much your car is costing you to charge, how close it is to being fully charged, and even scheduling charging times to be most cost effective during low energy demand hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for help or a FREE estimate of your project. Email us at: or give us a call at 831-335-2407.

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